Phone repair service tips and tricks in USA Maryland

You’ve smashed your mobile Phone. It wasn’t even a big drop but those sidewalks are unforgiving. Now, you have a thin slab of metal and glass splinters. So what’s next?

iCracked repair service: Maryland, USA

Don’t Have Insurance? There’s still a way to repair your phone
Holidays are not much better – one in eight damage something electronic during celebrations in the holiday season. And if it wasn’t the sidewalk you dropped it on but, well, in a public bathroom, take comfort from the fact that you are not alone. Just pick it up with a tissue, please.

Men most often break their cell phones in the garage, while women find the bathroom is the most likely place to break their phone.

Second, think carefully about what to do next. Of course, you need it repaired, to be working properly, and for this whole sorry accident to become a distant memory. But not all repair organizations are equal and, therefore, neither are their repairs.

That repair must be a good one: if it’s done inadequately you’ll find you need a second go to make things ship-shape.

You don’t want the repair to work just fine for three months and a day, and then fail, if the shop then says there’s a 90-day warranty on their work. Such a limited warranty is common, by the way.

A company like iCracked offers a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor. If the company you’ve come across offers less than a lifetime, make sure the warranty is for two years at least.

Similarly, you need to know that the company you choose knows its business, and isn’t just buying untested parts. iCracked hand-tests every single part before it sends them to its well-trained engineers, called iTechs, to use them. If the parts are not individually tested they could be faulty, so it’s important to ascertain that before they go into your precious cellphone.

It helps if the repair company uses the best-quality parts (as iCracked does). Cheaper parts save the repair shop money, but you’ll suffer as a result.

The latest smartphones use tough glass, often from US company Corning whose Gorilla Glass is now up to its fifth iteration, and the Japanese company Asahi, which makes Dragontrail glass.

Both are great at resisting scratches from keys, for instance. And while neither is unbreakable, the quality is something you’d quickly miss if the repair company gives you a lower-grade replacement.

A low-quality screen may look the same as a better one, but you may find it won’t behave properly. Often, the touch sensitivity on inferior screens is poor, either unresponsive when you touch it, or going too far the other way and unlocking itself in your pocket.

Few things are more annoying than when an important call comes in and, as you swipe the display, the phone won’t unlock and you miss the call!

That’s before you even get as far as the dead pixels, erratic colors, and other faults that can affect phone displays.

Other side effects from lower-quality parts are diminished battery life (and who needs that?), batteries that overheat worryingly, and so on. After all, one of the reasons people choose an iPhone, for instance, is that the build quality and components are exceptional – do you really want to put some cheap parts into your smartphone?

As well as iCracked, the engineers at the Apple Store use only the best quality parts and deliver a great result, but you do have to stand in line in the store for that service.

In contrast, iCracked comes to you, whether that’s to your home, office, or even your favorite coffee bar, so there’s no waiting in line, and the repair is done expertly, quickly, and before your very eyes.

Once you’ve had your phone repaired, there are two more lessons to consider: first, maybe this is a good time to back everything up, just in case there is another accident one day and, second, this could be the day to buy that protective case you’ve been mulling over all this time!

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